Sunday, December 27, 2009

Headed back to Ukraine

In my last post, I mentioned "resting" in God's sovereign goodness and control. Well, right now I feel like we are being swept away in a river of God's sovereign goodness and control!

In early November we heard from Vicka that she regretted her decision made in the summer and wanted us to return to Ukraine to adopt her. We were not even sure at the time about the legalities of this but it has, indeed, all been worked out by our sovereign God and we have an appointment with the SDA on February 10th, ten days before Vicka's 16th birthday! God's plans certainly cannot be thwarted.

All of this comes at an interesting time as we are very close to our 3 year old being permanently placed with us. His adoption will not be final for several months but he has already become a big part of our family. My flesh is certainly tempted to say "but, God, this is not a convenient time to go back to Ukraine" but God never promised us convenience. in fact, it seems that the Word of God makes it clear that the path of obedience is wrought with inconveniences, if not downright suffering. And so I simply praise God for what He has done in Vicka's heart and trust Him to work out of the logistics involved with our travel.

I regret not having blogged much in the last few months. Life is so interesting but also so busy! I will try to update with photos soon.