Friday, October 16, 2009

Adventures continue

We have had a whirlwind of activity since we returned from Ukraine. We are taking classes which will enable us to foster and/or adopt a 3 year old that we have known since birth. We are able to have preplacement visits with him and it has been a sweet time for the whole family.

At first, we were not able to find a class to participate in, but one is now being offered at our church. Our pastor, David Platt, has been preaching through James and as we camped out in chapter 1, contemplating God's love for orphans, David felt lead to challenge our church to take care of the children in foster care in Shelby County, Alabama. 150 families answered that call. So classes have begun several nights a week.

We recently celebrated Alexandra's 16th birthday with a surprise visit to New York. She got her driver's license this week and is now able to help with driving duties! Soccer and karate keep us running here and there and sometimes two drivers was not enough!

We are still homeschooling this year. Alexandra is taking several classes at a co-op. We have not seen Colton since we got back from Ukraine. He had fall break this week but was shooting some short film projects. His car was totaled when it was driven off a ravine by a friend who was also working on the project. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Luke is home for a few days. I look forward to the holidays when we will all be together for a short time. Children grow up way too fast!

The appeal period ended for Vicka's motion to set aside the adotpion decree. There is no longer any chance that she can be adopted. We still do not understand what happened exactly but we continue to rest in God's soverengn goodness and control. We have learned that when we set out to adopt any child, God's plans cannot be thwarted. God is clear in his call to us to look after orphans. As we walk in obedience to that call, we must leave the outcomes up to Him. Still, there is a sadness that lingers over the loss we experienced. We love Vicka and pray that one day she will desire a relationship with us, if only through letters and visits.

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  1. So glad to hear that ya'll are doing well and how awesome about the new opportunity for adoption of this little boy! I pray that God will bless you abundantly as you begin this process!