Friday, January 29, 2010

Even the best laid plan can go awry

Each time we have been to the Lugansk region to adopt we have had court in about 2 weeks. And so we planned to spend about 2 weeks there again, then come home for the waiting period after court. Well, so much for planning! The SDA sent out a notice some months ago that dossiers submitted after February 1, 2010, would need to include a letter authorizing an Interpol clearance. But they suddenly began applying the requirement this week. At least we will get a head start on ours. Some families are in Ukraine in limbo, waiting on the clearance before they can have court. The clearance can take up to 40 days!

So we will still have our appointment at the SDA on February 10th. They will have had our Interpol request for about a week by then and so we get a small head start. Still, we cannot spend 40 days in Ukraine waiting on court. We have no idea how things will pan out. But God does. He is as sovereign over governments as he is over a child's heart. And so as always, we make plans to the best of our ability and trust God with the outcome.


  1. Well, best of luck to you! Get your senator or congressman involved now, maybe they can help speed up the interpol process. I adopted my now 15yr old son from the Lugansk region last February. Spent 5 weeks in Stakhanov and got lovely tours of both Donestk and Lugansk while I was there during the paperwork marathon. Hope you enjoy that 16-18hr ride on the train again, too. Wish I had enough money to take him back for a visit this summer. Oh well, maybe next summer.


  2. I am so glad to read that things have turned around. It always amazes me how God can turn things around! We had to make two trips to Ukraine to get our second daughter. One good thing is that you know you will have a long wait for court. We were in Ukraine this summer and had to just wait and see. We ended up staying seven weeks total because the judges were alternating vacations. Lugansk seems to issue fewer passports as well. We were able to get a one day passport in July (the old red cover ones). We had to pay extra of course, but it was worth the whirlwind trip to get back to Kiev and home!

    We'll be praying for you!


  3. Hi!! So happy to be able to follow your story!
    We get (got) submitted today and hope to travel soon.
    Our friends who are there now were told yesterday that they should have interpol clearance next week, which is about 2 weeks from turning in their form at their sda appt. So hopefully they start your clearance now so you will not be held up in country!!
    good luck