Friday, January 22, 2010

Our SDA appointment is in 19 days!!!

Gabe leaves in 12 days for Ukraine. He will be taking Vitalik with him. Hopefully, they will be able to visit the orphanage there as well as see some of the graduates. Gabe will get the I600 filed at the Embassy before Vicka's 16th birthday and I will follow 5 days later. Its all happening so fast this time! My life feels sort of like "we now interrupt our regular programming to bring you another adoption!"

Two summers ago when we were in Ukraine adopting Vitalik and Roman, our oldest son, Colton, was in California working on a movie. We were so proud tonight to see his name in the credits of To Save a Life which opened in theaters around the country today. If you haven't yet heard about this powerful movie, please go to and check it out.

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  1. I was reading your adoption blog and came across your mention of this movie. I just watched the link that you posted and WOW. It looks incredible! I want to see it. I have 6 kids of my own and I know they would love it as well. back to catching up on the adoption blogs....
    Well, before I do, I'll explain who I am real quick. I go to Odessa every summer with a group from San Antonio Christian School. We have fallen in love with the kids that we have met there and I love finding out who is getting adopted. I am praying for them all constantly and am so happy when someone takes them home! I keep up with many of them on facebook or email. It has been amazing to see them grow in Christ and learn to love and trust.
    Check out our blog at
    we also have a YouTube video
    I'll be praying for your adoption process go all go through! May God greatly bless you for obeying Him!