Friday, February 3, 2012

Roman Elijah

Roman. Thats what I call him. Eli. Thats what his dad calls him. Romchick. Rome. Romeo. That kid has the most nicknames! And he's smart. I mean like he is most likely a genius. He would have graduated from the orphanage at 14 since he was 2 grades of where he was supposed to be. When he first joined our family, we homeschooled for 2 years then he went into the 7th grade at our public middle school. He makes all As. He scored like close to perfect recently on his ACT Explore exam. He reads like a machine. Can do or be whatever he wants to be. And he worries like crazy. About everything. He worries we will run out of gas on the way to soccer. He worries that we are going to go broke. He talks non-stop and asks questions that no one can answer. And he is so attached to his family that you would never know he has only been here for 4 years. He is here, in the moment, 100 percent American, 100 percent Davie.

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