Friday, August 23, 2013

The Little Blogger that Could

We adopted the first time in 2007.  I blogged every little detail.  Over the years, with each additional child, the blogs got less detailed and less frequent.  Back then it seemed so new and exciting and I thought everybody would be so interested in the process.  I decided today that it only seems like old-hat to me; that there are new friends and acquaintances who are interested in the details of adoption.  Families who are just now thinking of adopting from Ukraine need to know how easy/frustrating/rewarding it can be.  Families currently in the process might want to know what to expect/when to expect/how much to expect.  Families arriving home should know if what they are feeling/experiencing/regretting is normal.  And besides all that, there are 3 precious children about to join my family and I don't want them to ever think they were not worthy of blogspot.  And so I undertake to blog again.  Details.  As much as I can stand, being the big picture person that I am.  Stay tuned.  

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