Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First round of court is completed

Court today was a success. The whole day was so different from last summer when tears were shed on the way to court, during court, and after court. The sun came out today and so did the smiles. Vicka was very composed and calmly answered all the questions asked of her. When she was finished, she sat down with a smile and sigh of relief.

Because of the missing document, court must be reconvened before the final decree can be entered. But at least we have overcome the first hurdle.

We had the same judge, same jurors, same inspector three times in a row so we asked them all to be in the photo this time!


  1. Smiling and rejoicing as I keep looking at this photo and rereading your post!

  2. So thankful for your beautiful day! Super excited for Vicka's new life with you!

  3. I'm almost a week late, but Congratulations anyway!:)