Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SDA Appointment

The SDA appointment went well. We were asked how to explain how we knew Vicka and then we were read her file yet again. It was a good testimony to the girls in the SDA office to hear we were back after what happened last summer.

After the appointment, Gabe and I browsed the souvenirs. I was dying to have one of these Soviet style hats so Gabe obliged.

Then we had lunch with Sasha at Soho steakhouse and discussed what to do about Vitalik. We will pick up our referral tomorrow and take the 9:30 pm flight to Lugansk. We will be doing paperwork on Friday then decide at that point whether to wiat on the Interpol clearance here or at home.


  1. Things I love about this post: the testimony you are living; the progress being made; the hat!

    The things I really don't love about this post: the worry you have over a missing son; the very fact that you have a missing son.

    Praying for Vitalik to return tonight. May you all be reunited and have a safe flight tomorrow evening.

  2. Love your smile and I admire the strength, character and love you both have for God, each other and children of God. I'm CONSTANTLY praying for ALL of you.

  3. Suz, I am glad things went well today. I have to tell you .....I LOVE YOUR COAT!!!It is good to see you in your pictures! Love, Cathy

  4. I am so praying for you guys!
    And I love the coat and hat!!