Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We have a court date

No, the Interpol Clearance did not come but even if it is not here by Wednesday, February 24th, we will have court that day. Worse case scenario is that the clearance will still be missing, the hearing will be considered preliminary and we will be able to go home with only one of us required to return to finish up the process after the clearance does come in.

We took Vicka with us to meet with the judge today. Yes, it was an informal meeting but she tackled it with courage and strength. She led the way into the building and up the stairs. She answered the judges questions with smiles instead of tears. I was a proud mama.


  1. Hey Suz, So glad things are progressing! Can't wait to get to talk to you and catch up! Cathy

  2. What a great day! Still praying for all of your family in America and Ukraine.

  3. What a wonderful blessing! I am so proud for you and for Vicka too! Very good stuff! Our family is following you guys and each of us is praying.
    Mark,Jenn, John, Anna, Kev & Max.