Friday, February 19, 2010

No clearances this week

We have been told that no clearances came in this week. That means we will only be having a prelminary hearing on Wednesday. But at least we can come home for a while. We miss the rest of the children and it is a blessing that only one of us will have to return to complete court.

Vicka and I have been working on a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle and we are planning several outings for the weekend. We are very blessed to have Linda with us now.


  1. One more step closer ;)so glad to hear that the bonding is going well! You have a beautiful story to tell of grace~
    Love to your daughter!

  2. hope you get your clearances on monday!! will that allow you to have court on wednesday??
    hope so :)

  3. Enjoy the weekend with Vicka;by now you have probably almost finished that puzzle! Please tell Linda 'Hi' for me and ask her if she ever heard from Oprah.... Praying the paperwork comes on through soon and for all your family. Please let me know if the family needs something here.