Monday, February 15, 2010

No Interpol Clearance today

The SDA said it has not received any new clearances since Thursday. Apparently, there is no schedule for when they are delivered to the SDA. We needed ours by tomorrow in order to be able to have court this week. Due to our family situation, we will need to come home if the clearance does not come in tomorrow. We will ask to schedule court a few weeks later, to give the clearance time to come in and for us to make new arrangements for our other children.

We had to do some paperwork today and did not get to visit with Vicka but we plan to go visit with her after school tomorrow. A friend called and asked if we were interested in helping with the recording of an English-learning CD so we will be doing that tomorrow morning. Sounds like fun.


  1. I hope you hear tomorrow. good luck!

  2. Hope you get your clearance soon! Please give Max an extra hug from me if you see him again. Tell him we are glad to see that he is happy! Hope you hear good news on all fronts soon.