Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to Court on Wednesday

I have hesitated to blog about details of our situation and, yet, I am sure that others will face similar problems and so I decided to share, at least in general, what is going on. Perhaps others can learn from our mistakes. Or perhaps others have already gone through this and have ideas or suggestions that might help us.

(This remainder of this blog post has been removed)

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  1. Suzette,
    I am really late here, just recently realizing you have 2 blogs rather than 1.
    This situation reminds me a lot of what Russ Moore talks about in his book when his sons cried to leave behind the squalor of their orphanage - only because it was the only home they had ever known. We would all be the same way - refusing God's adoption of us - without the work of the Holy Spirit. Your experience reminded me how grateful we should be for His grace.
    We miss you guys... I will be back to read more frequently. - Ben Robinson