Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Nothing new today except yet another restaurant in Starribilsk. Sergey really outdid himself in finding this one. Nice atmosphere, even though when you first walked in you felt like you were in a nightclub. Good food. Cheap prices per our American standards. The name of this one is Paradise.

We spent quite a bit of time today with the other Bela kids. Playing soccer. Volleying a ball around a circle. Playing Trouble. They had some sort of performance tonight and were dressed up like rabbits and wolves this afternoon in anticipation.

We met an American named Fran. A 70 year old womand who recently joined the Peace Corp and is now serving in Ukraine for several years. She is stationed in Starribilsk! She was at the camp today.

Gabrielle broke her 10 griven shoe and we found another shoe store and got a new pair to replace the others. She is getting more comfortable with the shopping. Then we went back to the old amusement park and discovered these boat like swings. They were manual, not electric so we felt safe!

Roman was a bit unkind to one of the Bela kids today. His final analysis after our discussion of the incident was "This is why I don't like coming back to Urkaine. When I am around other orphans, I want to act like one." Small child, big wisdom.

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