Sunday, August 9, 2009

A First for All of Us

We enjoyed our first night in our apartment. Nothing like waking up to a medley of various hits wafting up into your window from the Jumbo Tron below. Such interesting tunes as the Mission Impossible Theme Song and The First Noel. You just gotta love Ukraine! We slept in a little later than usual and after a breakfst of fried toast and fried eggs, we were picked up at 11:00 for our trip to camp.

We made a speical detour on the way to camp. In a small village called Chastia (Happiness),our friends Ira and Anton were married.The boys had never attended a wedding and the rest of us had never attended an Orthodox wedding. It was very beautiful. We were honored to be able to attend. Both Ira and Anton have served as translators at Camp Druzhba. For anyone not familiar with Camp Druzhba, it is a camp near Lugansk run by our friends Shane and Marilyn Duke who are serving as missionaries here. It is a beacon of light in this area.

After the wedding, we continued on our way to Starribilsk. We took Gabrielle into the village again and ate lunch then walked from one end of the village to the other. Not too many things to do in the village but Gabrielle loves getting away from camp. By the time we got back to camp a light rain had started. We went in the dorm and played a game of Trouble before calling it a day. After the drive back to Lugansk, we stopped off at Metro to shop, ate dinner at New York Street Pizza and are now watching The Country Bears, a family favorite for years. Our facilitator will be meeting with orphanage officials tomorrow to finalize paperwork then take the train back to Kyiv to get the papers to the SDA. We will spend another day in Starribilsk.

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  1. Suzette, I absolutely love all the pictures and your blog each day.

    Know that we are praying for you each day, and anxiously await each post! Hope that you are able to enjoy every moment.