Sunday, August 16, 2009

A busy morning

Roman and I went across the street to the Blinchiki hut at 8:00 this morning only to find it closed, in spite of the sign. We came back to the apartment only to find we had locked ourselves out. We had 25 minutes to wait on Sergey (and a phone to call Gabe) so we walked to the supermarket and got a pastry. Sergey was waiting when we got back and we called Gabe to let us in. Roman and I then left for our trip to Starribilsk. (Roman has enjoyed telling this story several times today and suggested I blog about it).

The original plan today was for me, Gabe, and Roman to go to Starribilsk this morning and pick up Gabrielle for court. Vitalik was supposed to stay home and accompany Alexandra to Shane's church just a few blocks from here. But Vitalik had a few problems with that scenario so Gabe had to stay in Lugansk with them. Vitalik earned him an early trip home and still ended up going to church. "You mean I got angry for nothing?" he asked. Yes, son, that's generally the case.

Gabrielle said she and her friends cried through the discoteque last night and I don't think they slept much either. She was saying her goodbyes in the anticipation that she might not have to go back to camp after court. Don't know yet whether or not that will be the case.

Roman and I had a nice drive to Starribilsk and back. We left at 8:30 and were back in Lugansk at 12:00. Once again we had to wait outside the apartment as we only have one key and Gabe and the kids were still at church.

We took the kids some salami, much to their delight. On the way back we played "On my way to San Jose" and I was pleased that Gabrielle was willing to use her English. She seems more self conscious of doing so when Vitalik is around. I think it will work out for the best that both boys will be going home after court.

Alexandra spent some time this afternoon with her Ukrainian friends and they all stopped by before splitting up. We walked around the city a bit and played monopoly at the apartment. Tonight we are watching Madagascar in Russian. Tomorrow is court.

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