Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cool time at the SDA

We took Vitalik, ALexandra and Roman all with us to the SDA. By the time I got into the office from the rear of the line, the psychologist was already chatting with Vitalik. She remembered him from when he was first placed at Orphanage 21 in Kyiv. She remembered how stubborn he was and that he "refused" to have his photograph taken back then. She was also noticably thrilled at how much he had changed. After fawning over him a while, she turned her attention to Roman and they chatted about Gabrielle awhile. Then she showed us Gabrielle's file and said she would have our referral ready this afternoon. I am so proud of how my children conducted themselves and thankful for God's favor. We will fly to Lugansk tonight. We have an appointment at 8:30 am with the inspector. Hopefully we will be able to go to camp after that and see Gabrielle.


  1. Suzette, Gabe, & family:

    We are anxiously awaiting each post. Know that you are being lifted up on a daily basis as you strive to walk in obedience AND bring glory and honor to Christ Jesus!

    Love the pictures! Kim

  2. Davies,
    Can't believe you are already back in Ukraine doing this again. Praying that yours goes as smoothly as our second one did. It brings back so many memories. We are we really forward to meeting Gabrielle. Hopefully she and Ashley will become great friends.
    Love you all,